June 7th, 2009

Pluto close up

I spend too much!

Spent the day with Sarah yesterday like we planned. It was good times. First we went to Red Lobster. Last time we went we had to rush because she swore she had to be home by 4:30 for her dad's birthday thing, and they didn't even leave until after 6. It sucked. I didn't get to eat any of my fried shrimp. Yesterday I got to eat all my fried shrimp and scampi! Don't get the fries there, though, they suck.

Then I went to Tilly's, and I got two new shirts (plaid, because girltype says that's all I wear. It's partially true. My style.). Tilly's non-clearance = expensive. These were on sale. There was another shirt that I really liked, but they didn't have it in my size. That was fail.

Best Buy was next. I got Army Wives season 2 (I still haven't watched season 1 on DVD, and season 3 starts today!) and Weeds season 4 (which I've started watching, season 5 starts tomorrow, I am going to DVR it so that I can catch up on season 4). I was looking for Reba season 6 because Louie said he saw it, but it doesn't come out until the end of the month. Sigh.

Off to the mall we go. Disney store is our first stop. They have these summer style plates and cups and stuff, which feature Stitch. I buy the big Stitch plate, the little Stitch plate, and the Stitch cup. They were all half off, too. Nice. Then I saw shirts. No Stitch shirts (I don't own a Stitch shirt, much to my chagrin), but they did have a Donald shirt. I bought that. I bought some Tinkerbelle stuff for Katie in case her present doesn't arrive by the time I leave. Her birthday is on Friday. I won't be here.

Hot Topic had a BUNCH of new Transformers shirts. I bought the two shirts that have Grimlock on them. Grimlock's my boy. And we all know that I support my boys. They had Kingdom Hearts II shirts, too, and I wanted those but the one I wanted more wasn't in my size and I had already got 40+ dollars in the store alone. Maybe next time.

Gamestop was next. I was looking for Samurai Shodown Anthology for the PS2, but they say that it is only for the PSP (which I own and is laggy as fuck, so I won't play it) and the Wii. I buy the Wii version. No lag. Yay.

Cheesecake factory for dessert is next. We have a waiter named Dan. I was wearing my Mario Luigi 08 it's Ameeeeeeeeerica shirt. He said he would agree with it, except he HATES Mario and always picks Luigi. I'm like 'boy, you be speaking to the NUMBER ONE Luigi fan in the world. Respect.' Still, he got a good tip from me and a 'LUIGI FOR THE WIN!!!!' with underlines written on the check.

We loop around back to Macy's where we started. I did some looking at earrings for my mom, there wasn't really anything that caught my eye, but I still have over five months. No rush. I also buy Deanna cutting boards for her birthday. Katie says that Deanna needed cutting boards, so, cutting boards she gets.

Then I came home and watched the house for the rest of the night. I was reading my book. I'm almost 200 pages in and I haven't seen a sex scene yet. I fear LKH's sanity. Not that I'm complaining. I don't like smut, so this pleases me.