June 4th, 2009

Pluto close up

Fuckery at work... again!

But first, my grandma came for a visit today. I love it when my grandma comes. I love it when I go over there. It doesn't happen all that often, a fact that I lament, but when it does I love it. When I leave my grandmother, or she leaves me, it is a depressing thing. Like, literally, I feel a wave of sadness just grip me. My grandmother is my world.

My cousin is going to get a grand for graduating from high school. Apparently, her and my grandfather said that they would give their grandchildren each 1000 dollars when they graduated from high school. My grandfather never saw any of his grandchildren graduate from high school, but my grandmother stuck by it. When you think about it that way, the whole thing is really touching. I didn't know that it was some vow they made together.

Still... what happens when you graduate from college? You get hosed. HOSED! SHAFTED! It sucked. I'm still bitter that I didn't get much when I graduated from college, an actual accomplishment unlike the mandated high school.

You know who I feel really bad for? My cousin Bree. She's older than Chris, the one who is graduating, and my grandmother's like 'if I gave her a thousand dollars, then I'd have to give them ALL a thousand dollars,' and she's at the point where she has seven great grandkids from TWO of her grandchildren. My cousins spawn. It is a fact of life. The rest of us don't. But Bree graduated two years ago, and I had just started work that week so I couldn't go to her graduation (even though Bree is my favorite), and now she's going to watch Chris get way more than she ever did? GOD that sucks for the poor girl. It really does.

Now, to the work fuckery. Shari's talking mad shit. She's telling my aunt that I talk shit about her. She's like 'I know he's your nephew, but he talks a bunch of shit, even about you!' And I'm like 'huzzabuh?' I talk shit, certainly, but it's always work related shit. ALWAYS work related shit. I talk about how lazy Darcie is. And... actually... that's pretty much it. My aunt swears that Shari's shitlist has my name up top, and I think she's right. Shari needs to shut her damned face. I like Shari, I do, but that's just wrong. My aunt claims that she doesn't believe Shari, which I hope is true. Unless I talk so much that I don't even remember saying something that Shari could say I said and did say. I tend to not really care about who I say what to, given that I don't really give a shit since I speak the truth or at least speak in theories instead of lying. Hmm, something to ponder.

Work drama sucks. I hate work drama. Actually, I like it. I like to know about it. I just don't like it when it involves me. I like to be the one on the sidelines, not the front lines.

You know what else kills me at work? People who keep on saying that I'm an English major. I am NOT an English major, all right? I HAVE A FREAKING DEGREE IN ENGLISH! I am not an English major. I am an English degree holder. GET IT RIGHT. It's a touchy thing...