May 31st, 2009

Pluto close up

The problem with presents...

So now that I work in Building 2, the admin building, and not Building 1, the production building, I'm part of the birthday thing that we throw for people who work in Building 2. There are three that I know of next month, counting myself. Katie and Deanna are the other two. Yesterday I ordered Katie a Tinkerbelle mini-snowglobe because she loves Tink a lot and it just made sense. So, she's taken care of. Deanna loves monkeys. I was kind of hoping for an Abu plush at the disneystore online, but we all know that Aladdin gets scant in the merch love, which is a damned shame. I went to, and they have this little office monkey set thing. But considering that I'm going to the mall next weekend, I think I will just see if I can find something there to buy her instead of paying for shipping. I love the internet, I love the fact that I can buy shit that I can't find locally, but shipping KILLS me. Sometimes it has to be done (I can't jet on over to Japan or Korea for a new BoA album/single after all...), but I still don't much like it.

Today is my cousins' baptism thingy. The baptism already happened. My father and I weren't going to go to that, and my aunt knew it. But she expects us to go to the thing at the park afterwards. I don't really know what to call it. So I just call it a post-baptism celebration. Or a 'the kids have become one with god or somesuch' party. Family. I love my family. I really do. But I'm so damned glad that it's here in town so that when my tolerance FOR my family (who I love) goes away my father and I can just hop in the car and retreat. Hence why I don't want to go to the party in Ventura. Too long. TOO LONG. And nowhere to run.

I watched the Disneyland DVD that I got sent to me awhile back yesterday. Dammit, I shouldn't have done that because now I'm like "WANT. TO. GO. NOW!!!!!" Four weeks is too long. TOO LONG. And I found out that people can plan quinceras or however you spell it (I'm a bad Mexican) there. Those things are already hugely expensive... throwing it at Disneyland would just be insanely expensive.

I want to have a family reunion there, though. That shit would rock my world. ROCK MY WORLD. Then I wouldn't mind being around my family all day and not being able to come home. I'd be at Disneyland, bitches. DISNEYLAND.