May 23rd, 2009

Pluto close up

I need 2 more series...

I'm currently at 48 series that I have a season or seasons or entirety on DVD for. I need two more. I mean, I don't need two more, still, the number 50 just seems more impressive than the number 48, no? But I wonder what? There was nothing new out last season that I started watching that I would need to buy. Yes, I started watching 90210, but it sucks and I only watch it because I gotta, not because I wanna. Big difference. NEXT season, when Melrose 2.0 comes out, that I'll get on DVD. Hello, Colin Egglesfield, yes please. I hate his character name (Auggie? THE HELL?!), he's apparently going to be a recovering drunk, and he wears sandals. None of these things please me. NONE. But Colin Egglesfield does. I make due with what I got. Plus, when it comes to fictional characters, I'm actually fond of drunks and addicts, whereas in real life I hate them. Look at Justin Walker... I LOVE that boy, and he's all kinds of jacked up. Carol Danvers? LOVE! There's a larger list (Skye Chandler Quartermaine! ROBIN CHRISTOPHER!!! I MISS YOU!!!), including Erica freakin' Kane. I dunno. I'm odd like that. Maybe because the fictional characters actually get beyond their addictions, and the people that I know in real life just can't seem to shake them. Woah, insight. Scary.

I'll get GI Joe when it comes out this summer. I didn't have the money to get it before. Now I do. So I will. That's 49. But that doesn't come until July. I could go backlog and buy stuff that I missed, but it isn't stuff that I really want. Bravestarr? I'm good, thanks. Silverhawks? Uh-uh. Dinosaurs? That last scene STILL jacks my shit up like nothing else in the world. If you haven't seen it, I suggest youtubing it. But only if you have the stomach for it. It really is pretty much the most depressing thing ever. And I don't think I could buy that knowing such things.

I need to watch Susan win her emmy. I haven't done it in months. I feel like I am spitting in the face of the queen. Can't have that.

Oh, and I love me some Westlife.

That is all.