May 10th, 2009

Pluto close up

A somewhat producttive weekend

Yesterday I finished watching the last two discs of X-Men (so good that I plowed through like a dozen episodes of that in ONE DAY!), watched Snoopy's Reunion (puppy Snoopy!), finished Secret of Mana (Nooooo, the Sprite!), ordered Dynasty season 4 part 1 and October Road season 2 on (since Best Buy the store failed me, and refuses to accept my rewardzone number!), and... well, that's about it. Today I gave my mom her mothers day present (which she loved), watched You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown (wasn't that great), finished watching Brothers & Sisters season 2 (only 16 episodes... stupid writers strike!), and am currently letting Brawl run many many hours with four "players" signed on so that I can get my 100 hour trophy (I'm not at school, so I don't have many chances to play with people), organized my DVD/Game case, giving me an entire row for DVD box sets (which I will undoubtedly use when all the seasons start coming out later this summer), and I'm probably going to buy two more pairs of jeans and a new pair of shoes from since I have a coupon for 15 bucks off purchases of 75 or more and it's only good for another two weeks.

Tonight is the season finale of Brothers & Sisters!!! I hate that. It makes me sad. I want Brothers & Sisters all the damned time.