May 6th, 2009

Pluto close up

The comic book store was closed!

Hopefully not for good. It still sucked. Last week was the first week I put money down so that I could hold my books and not have to worry about not getting them, and the first time I can enjoy this perk (which I had to pay for, which made me scoff!)... it doesn't work. I hope everything is okay, I really do.

Today was an extremely boring day at work. I spent a lot of time doing the same thing over and over. And since I've moved to the other side of the office from my work BFF, it makes the day go that much slower. But I still enjoy my job, and I'm thankful that I don't have to work with Darcie any more. We were in the lunch room together. Didn't say anything. It made me feel good.

What doesn't make me feel good is the news regarding GH. It's over at the community, or it will be after I post this. Very depressing news indeed.