April 29th, 2009

Pluto close up

Disney people, don't mess with Set!

I get an e-mail (the first e-mail I've gotten all week that I've actually LOOKED at... the pains of no group love) from the Disney people, and they say that I can get 35% off my hotel room if I book now.

Here's the problem: I BOOKED ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!

So, what's 35% of 1300 dollars, you might ask? 455!!!!! FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY FIVE DOLLARS!!!!! I WANT THAT MONEY! I don't need that money, but I want it nonetheless. And that's not counting tax. It's also not 455 perfectly, because the hotel was like 1286 or something, but I round up. I don't know if tax is put into the account. It should be. AND the tax just went up a penny. But I just looked and it says excludes tax. Grr.

So I'm on the phone with the Disney people right now and I'm like 'dammit, I want this retroactively accredited to my account!'

So we'll see where this goes.


EDIT: I can't get it yet, something about my pin not registering. Plus I have a 25 dollar edit fee, but it looks like, once the damned thing accepts my pin, I will. Guy is being really nice, knows where SJB is. Drunkard is swearing up and down that I'm telling him I live in H, but I was just telling him I lived in H before I moved to SJB. Stupid drunkard.

I GOT IT!!!!! 413.00 saving! 413 dollars back!

Side note: She just asked me (ME!!!!!!!!!!) if I'm going to watch Origins. Bitch, go DIAF.

Side Note 2: I'm watching the south park episode where they mock the Jonas Brothers. Mickey is there. You all know how much I HATE Mickey, but he's dropping f-bombs left and right and kicking Joe around.

Side Note 3: Guy can hear me typing and thinks I'm fast. Which I am. It amuses me.