April 19th, 2009

White Phoenix Base by alrischa

Boredom sucks!

I hate being bored. I really, REALLY hate being bored. But here I am, always bored. Especially on the weekends. Okay, so I'm only 15 minutes away from new Simpsons (the quality of which is open for debate), and THEN I get to watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters (my two most favorite shows on TV) for the first time in about a month, which means that I won't be that bored any more, this doesn't negate the fact that I've been pretty bored during the rest of the weekend, and the week.

I think I'm a semi-patient person. At least when it comes to people who I'm not related to (I'm not patient with my family), but when I continually have to wait for shit to happen so that I can actually do something, then I tend to get pissy. And I'm okay with the fact that shit happens, stuff pulls people away from doing the things that entertain me, and I'm not even mad at the fact that it happened. I'm just frustrated about all the waiting. It's illogical, and maybe just a little petty, but it is what it is.

I was telling Louie, my coworker, how I wanted a new video game or something. Fact is that I haven't really done that much shopping this month, except for the stuff online, which I don't really count. I love to spend money. I could play any of the hundreds of video games that I have (and I have been playing Marvel: Ultimate Alliance), but I want something new. Too bad nothing new seems interesting until Punch Out!!! And the ! is part of the title, though I am excited for it.

On the plus side, nobody's plugged in the house phone all weekend, so even though I've been stuck at home watching the dogs (so even if I *HAD* somewhere to go, I wouldn't be *ABLE* to go...), which negates the annoying calls that I always get when I'm watching the house. And I really dislike fielding calls.

Turns out I might have just missed a new King of the Hill because the guide tells me that American Dad is on, and I'm just waiting for the new Simpsons episode. This angers me. It had Khan. KHAN! Or it had Khan in a non-vocal role, but it still had Khan.

Seriously, can it be June? Then I have my cousin's graduation to look forward to AND DISNEYLAND. At the rate things are going right now, they're on the short list of things to look forward to.