April 17th, 2009

Pluto close up

Well, that's a first...

My mom, drunkard that she is, has presented me with a book that she demands be burned with her when she dies.

I will, of course, honor her wishes on that blissful day, but damn if it isn't weird.

At least she didn't give it to me while she was naked. Don't laugh or think I'm joking, because I am not doing either. I've seen my parents naked more times than any child SHOULD. And I think I could make that claim by the time I was ten.

There was that one time that my mom wasn't wearing anything other than the glow in the dark latch thing to her naval ring. At night.

In other news: CROWNS SUCK!!! They feel so weird, and they're much, much whiter than my regular teeth. And I don't think that I've got very yellow teeth to begin with (possibly, because the water here stains EVERYTHING... yellow, ironically enough...). So now I have to look into getting whitening strips, but I should wait until after I get the real crowns. These are just temp crowns. I hope to God the real crowns feel better, or that these ones suck less soon. Word to the wise, people: TAKE CARE OF YOUR DAMNED TEETH!!!!

In other other news: go to gamefaqs and vote for Secret of Mana as the best game ever. It's losing to Mortal Kombat II and something else... all four of the games on the list are good (even if I can't remember the fourth), but Secret of Mana is like the BoA of video games for me.

Speaking of BoA, perhaps she'll go to fanime. It hasn't been announced, to my knowledge, but that's her demo, she needs to hit that shit up. And if she does, I gonna be there.