April 12th, 2009

Pluto close up


Holidays tend to suck. Christmas doesn't suck by default (PRESENTS!), but the rest of the holidays, including my birthday, always tend to suck. This is no different. Apparently, fruit flies (or some other type of annoying bug) enjoy nesting on my wall. And they hatched over the weekend. So, I have at LEAST 200 of those little buggers flying around my room. I told my dad about it, but he didn't do a damned thing until it was too late. So this afternoon I've been walking around and spraying febreeze like a crazy man trying to kill the fuckers, and they just keep on spawning and spawning and spawning and spawning. I think I've got it taken care of now, but I could be wrong.

Then, while my parents are out, the stupid cat that my mother coddles (Vanessa's sister freaked him out when she was here. It pleased me.), was running around crying and throwing up. We don't have any paper towels. So there I am using tiny little napkins to clean up that stupid cat's vomit. And fielding calls from people asking where my parents are (ideally, they should be at home, with their kid, on a holiday... IDEALLY... in actuality, they're out with friends because their friends ALWAYS take priority over their kid), or people who come over and knock when they don't see the car anywhere.

Now they have like 5 people over (including children, and I HATE children), and they're barely making food. I want my fucking Easter ham, dammit! But I won't get my Easter ham until LATE now.

And now I have to help my mom. Joy.