April 8th, 2009

Pluto close up

I had to use my card over 400 times!

Checking my bank balance (why hello there, money!), because I haven't really gotten anything stupid and superficial in a few weeks and, in all honesty, its driving the materialistic side of me a little bit bonkers. But I can't think of anything I need or even really want to buy!! On Saturday I'm going to buy New Kids concert tickets (or at least try!) for their Concord show in July. Only the best seats!

Anyway, WAMU put some cash in my bank account. Not much, 13.87 cents. I get 3 cents each time I use my debit card, and after a year I get that money put into my account. 3 cents. 3. Cents. I had to use my card over 400 times to get that 13.87!!! Sure, it's 13.87 more than I would have had otherwise, which is a small comfort, but the 3 cent thing kind of sucks. Or maybe it's the knowledge of the amount of times I used my card to get that money which sucks. Hey, it isn't my fault, that year counted a trip to Disneyland AND to Disneyworld. At least 4.50 of that came from those two trips.

In other news: I had to work with the bitch for TWO days in a row because Peggy Lynne, my coworker and buddy, called in sick. Turns out she might have gotten a root canal. Who else got a root canal? Me! AND I GOT TWO! Did I get ANY days off? No. My boss wouldn't even let me take the day off for when I got the operation, but she gets to take TWO days off? It angers me. It angers me more that when she leaves I have to go work for that damned bitch that I want nothing to do with more than anything, but it still angers me immensely.

Sunday is Easter. Easter brings ham. Ham brings happiness.