March 30th, 2009

Pluto close up

Vanessa's Uncle Gave My Mom Herpes!

No, not really. Well, maybe. We don't know yet.

Anyway, yesterday Vanessa stopped by with her sister, her sister's boyfriend, and their Uncle came a little bit later. He brought chicken strips. My parents left shortly after their arrival, which pleased me. Shortly before Rene came I was told that he had some outbreak thing on his lips. They called it herpes. It didn't look bad. Anyway, they were eating the chicken. Or everyone but me and Vanessa were eating the chicken. Then they left it in the microwave (my idea) and we all collectively forgot about it by the time they left. I remembered when my parents got home, and told my mom to just toss it. She was like 'no, I'm hungry!' and proceeded to eat the herpes chicken. I don't know if she'll get it or not, but it's possible.

There was some light gaming done. Daniel, the boyfriend, swears up and down that he's the best double dash player in the world. He's much, MUCH better than I am, for sure. But I'm good at Mario Kart, so long as I don't play against people who know how to do that boost thing. I suck against boosters. Daniel was a booster. I was owned. I have no problem being owned by someone with more skill than me, though.

Then we played Street Fighter IV, in which I was the owner. Then we played Raving Rabbids TV, and Tina, the sister, was the owner. It was fun, though. I enjoyed it.

Today I FINALLY got my copy of the Love Bug. Now I've got all the stuff I ordered from yesasia. They used to come really quickly, now things take longer. I also got the statement from my dental insurance. There's a reason why I ran out of insurance so quickly. Root canals are expensive. Like 750 dollars a pop expensive. The insurance covered 90%, but it was STILL a huge chunk. Take care of your teeth, people. I'm not lying. Take. Care. Of. Your. Teeth.

I think I'll skip GH and download Super Punch Out!!! GH bores me a lot. So does AMC. Even One Life isn't all that great right now. Tolerable, certainly, but not great.