March 29th, 2009

Pluto close up

Pudge is DEAD!

I bought the 2 Disc Big Wave Edition of Lilo & Stitch yesterday, because I love Lilo & Stitch like something crazy. Many deleted scenes, including one where fish KILL Pudge (the fish who controls the weather) and Lilo buries him next to her parents. That shit was traumatic! It was an incredibly well done scene, but really it would have killed me to watch that part every time I watched the movie.

I also bought Bolt, which I'm watching right now (AWW, PUPPY BOLT!), and they had previews (for some reason the 2 disc didn't, or I missed them, but I was looking) for stuff. Including the Princess and the Frog! It's the same preview I've seen already, but just SEEING 2D animation gave me goosebumps. I hope they keep the retro Walt Disney Pictures opening for that, but I doubt they will. I also REALLY want to be at Disneyland the day that it comes out, since it isn't Christmas any more... but yeah, I'm okay with not being there since it would be hard for me to validate going to Disneyland and spending the whole day in the theater when the park is RIGHT there.

The previews also showed new edition of Snow White. I really don't like that movie. I mean, when it comes to early Disney movies I tend to dislike them all except for Sleeping Beauty (Three Caballeros and Saludos Amigos and the Mickey and the Beanstalk segment of Fun and Fancy Free don't count, since they're package films AND have Donald... but Fun and Fancy Free has Bongo. I HATE BONGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HATE!), but I think I might get it. I don't know. I'd hate to be at a point where I'm like 'shit, I really want to watch this movie, but I didn't buy it, and now I can't...' though I honestly don't see that happening with Snow White.

They're also doing a Special Edition of the Black Cauldron! Given how shitty the other special editions have been (Oliver & Company, Robin Hood), I'm weary. But this one promises deleted scenes. And I figure I should support the Black Cauldron since so few do.