March 23rd, 2009

Pluto close up

A good day! Yet I'm going to report on a day that isn't so good...

First the good stuff: I GOT A RAISE! Okay, so it isn't a great raise. Only a buck fifty (that seems to be my usual wage increase), but a raise is a raise. Do I need one? Not really. I mean, I kind of do since I've been rather strapped for cash simply due to my saving skills for my trip. AND I no longer have to go into work early on the days that my mom doesn't work because my boss told me not to. Before I was going in because the bitch told me to. Not any more. I'm going to give her until May before I stop coming in on Mondays because that's the day that things need to come out of the cold room. AND I got my copy of BoA's English album!!! Did you all support like I told you to? I hope you did!!!

Overall, the day kicked ass. Lots of texting with girltype, which is always fun. She told me that she wanted to read about Saturday night, so here I am skipping AMC and listening to BoA's album and reporting on Saturday night.

Last year my dad and his friends played at this function for the wildlife foundation at the place where we have the county fair. It was all right. I enjoyed it mostly because I got to spend time with my grandmother. Who can object to that? So they agreed to do it again this year. The venue changed. Instead of being about the county fair place it was moved to the country club. I've never understood why we needed a country club in this town, but whatever. I also didn't know that the club had a place to sit down and eat for the longest time. Now I do. It's pretty nifty. I mean, nothing impressive, but compared to last year it really was nicer. There was a reserved table for us because I was part of the band (I was acting in the capacity of roadie... a role I wish to never be in again). They got fed first. We didn't because we weren't playing. But they had bread. My love affair with bread is a wonderful thing. I love bread so freakin' much.

My mom, of course, got hammered. Well, not hammered. She only drank beer. However, my mother is the type of person who can get drunk off of the fumes of socialization. I'm not kidding... my graduation party, that I KNOW she didn't drink at because I was watching her the whole time so I could bust her ass and make her cry, she was pretty damned annoying. I will say this: spending time with my mother in a social situation is ALWAYS bound to strengthen my resolve to never drink in my life. It wasn't Pat Benatar concert bad, thankfully.

What it was, however, was boring. Like so boring that I wished I was at Disneyworld during SSW and sitting around in that ABC show cafeteria thing where we just sat around for HOURS because Hollywood Studios sucks that much. I had my DS, I had my MP3 player, but I didn't have my grandma. She was sick. Sucks. So I'm busy being annoyed by my mother's continued existence and listening to music I don't care about and basically not being spoken to by anyone. Oh, and we got served last. We were close to the stage, which means the food comes last. Good mashed potatoes, bland chicken.

One thing that sucks about that place? The bathrooms. The sinks. I had no idea how to work the sinks. The last time I had that much trouble with something involving water coming out was when I moved into UV my Sophomore year and had no clue how to turn the bath to a shower. Then I learned. I tried that theory, it didn't work out so well. In all honesty, I'm not even sure how the thing worked, I was just glad it did. During one of my trips I walked by this woman who asked me if I was having a heart attack since my MP3 player is located in a pocket by my heart. I was amused. No heart attack for me. At least not yet. The odds are pretty stacked against me never having a heart attack.

At one point during the dinner I look around at the audience to see if they're interested in what is going on around them. It looks like the answer is an extremely strong no. However, at the end of the night there are many people who are commenting about how much they love the band. Personally, I'm just glad that it ended. It's a worthy cause, and I will continue to go, but damn if it wasn't boring.