March 9th, 2009

White Phoenix Base by alrischa


I got the 19th off. The day where BoA was supposed to be at the Megastore. This made me happy. I mean, I didn't like having to take a day off when I had two afternoons off the day before and after... but this is BoA. BoA is a priority in my life.

And now BoA's autograph session is canceled. The megastore is going under by that point, so yeah... no BoA. No BoA meeting time for me.

On the plus side, Marvel is relaunching the Fantastic Four franchise. Or thinking about it. Which means recasting! That makes me happy because I don't really like any of the cast. LESS WORK FOR CHRIS EVANS!!! YAY!!!!

It is a small perk. But given the low I'm feeling at this moment...