March 8th, 2009

Pluto close up

Clocks Forward!

Move your clocks forward! I might have said something yesterday, but I'm saying it again just in case.

In addition to the vacuuming and carpet cleaning yesterday I backed up all my files that are worth saving. Louie, my work BFF and tech guy, was like 'if you have ONE hard drive crash, that's it! You'll lose ALL your BoA!' And this is a very valid threat for me. To lose BoA. So yesterday I used the external HD that I bought in like July or whatever and filled it up with my stuffins. Not all the way. It's a 160 GB HD, my HD is only 80. I also deleted all my music files from my computer, which freed up about 5 gigs. Now I can't listen to my music on the program thingy that I use to work my MP3 player, but that's okay.

Last night my parents ordered the UFC fight. This is the second one they've ordered. It looks like my parents have become the UFC people. And then people come over. I hate it when people come over. Especially when people are loud. It sucked. And my dad took off WITHOUT me. He broke the pact. The pact that says we get the hell out of here together to avoid the madness.