March 2nd, 2009

Pluto close up

So. Freaking. Good.

What am I talking about, what I had for breakfast? No, I'm not talking about that. Though what I had for breakfast was indeed good. Pie from Marie Calendars. Delicious. No, what I'm talking about that was so freaking good was last night's Brothers & Sisters two hour movie event. SO DAMNED GOOD.

Admittedly, Kitty and Robert bore me to tears (so much so that I really kind of wanted him to bite it), and I'm glad that Tommy's going away (I never really cared for the character, even before Balthy became a big old slut. Tommy's mean to Justin. This is unacceptable!), but those moments are the ones that I tend to just zone out on. No, I focus on moments with Nora and Justin, be they separate or together. And they had good moments in both areas. Though I'm still a bit alarmed by the whole Justin/Rebecca thing (why doesn't LJ recognize Rebecca as proper spelling?) and always will be because it's just icky and wrong, I like both characters, or love in Justin's case, and I'm extremely fond of both actors. Dr. Walker sounds like an appealing idea, but realistically it would take him the rest of the series run (assuming it goes to seven) to even be an intern, I think. He didn't go to college for more than a year, maybe two, so he would have to complete that first. Plus he has an apartment and no money since he doesn't have a job. I know the GI Bill or whatever it is would help pay for school, but I don't think it would help pay for the place he lives. I like Justin living at home anyway.

I did think of something in the shower about this show that I don't like. And that's the fact that nobody has any friends on that show. They're all connected to the family, be they spouses or girlfriends/boyfriends or mistresses or siblings, there is no single character who just has a friend. It's a huge cast, so I get the reason why they're not regulars, but come on now. Rebecca had a friend last season for a little bit. And Scotty had the gay friends (Nicholas Gonzalez! Wee!), but they were one and done.

Still, Brothers & Sisters is an amazing, amazing show. More Emmys for Sally Field!!