February 28th, 2009

Pluto close up


So, today I went to Oakridge because Vanessa said that they had Georgette plushy at the Disney store there FINALLY!!! Seriously, I went like three times and they kept on saying that they would get her, but they never did. But they do now. THE LAST ONE!!! She's mine! I have all the Oliver & Company plushies! Any room for them? No. But that's my movie, so I support that. They had really ugly Stitch easter bunny plushies, too. Hideous!!! Next time I'll get Meeko and Percy. Unless they sell out of those. Then I'll lament deeply. Again, do I have room for these plushies? No. No I do not. I also got some comics from the comic book store, but no trades. And then I had to wait 45 minutes for Sarah to finish shopping at Macy's.

I also got my copy of Eien, FINALLY!!! It's okay. I don't like the song with Crystal and M-Flo (I hate Verbal!), but they have this mash up of like six singles of hers, and it's amazing!!! I love it!!!

I also spent time with my grandma, which always makes her happy. Making her happy makes me happy.