February 27th, 2009

Pluto close up

The bitch manager is my bitch manager no more!!!!

Today I got good news. Not great news, but good news. Darcie, my bitch manager, is no longer my manager!!! I am now a full time employee of the administration office. I'm the official... something or other... I don't even remember what the hell that title is. EX something or other. I give people tracking information in addition to my job as the guy who does the technical writing. This is good news. Very good new.

But, according to Darcie, the bitch manager who is no longer my manager, I *still* have to be the one who takes all of the stuff into the fridge, by myself, and I *STILL* have to be the one who gets it all out of the fridge on Mondays. Again, by myself. I was the only guy who worked in that area, so they just expect to use me, but I've been their mule for over a year and a half, and, frankly, the main reason I hurt my back was because of that, I can almost guarantee it. So on Monday I'm going to talk to Mari, assuming she's in (my new manager is sporadic in her appearances at best, but I love her!), and ask why I have to be the only one who does that. I don't mind doing it, but I do mind being the one who does it day in and day out without ANY help from anyone at all. Especially if that's not even my department any more.

Oh, and I got my paycheck today. 999 dollars. I'm not lying. 999.03. At least it wasn't 999.99, but it still sucked. If I would have worked 15 minutes more I would have had over a thousand. Does it *REALLY* matter, no, of course not, but when you're that close to four figures it's like... grr, just grr.

I also didn't get my CDs still. I don't know what the hell is up. I'm giving them until Monday before I give them a very angry call. Well, not an angry call, but I really do want to know what the hell is up with my cds. They'll probably make me pay for reshipping, but, you know what, if it means I get my friggen BoA single, I'm okay with that.

Yuna Ito had a new video that came out. I realized that Yuna Ito is like Japan's Leona Lewis. Though she was Leona before Leona was Leona. And Yuna's 3rd single didn't suck like Leona's does. I really don't like that song.

In other news: I've decided to start tagging my entries in an effort to make it easier on snowflake_girl, since I always forget to do it when I post to the GH community (sporadic though my postings are because GH sucks so much right now)... hopefully this will make it easier. I still think tags are stupid, but whatever.