February 24th, 2009

Pluto close up

Damned shipping!

I ordered my copy of Eien a week ago! Usually, yesasia is REALLY good about shipping stuff to me early. I got the Fly to the Sky album on Saturday. Might have mentioned that. It's an extremely good album. But it looks like it might be their last one for awhile, which sucks ass. I mean, Transition and No Limitations weren't great. The Brian was a bit of a failure, but Decennium? That's GOOD stuff right there, I love it.

But I figured since I got my copy of Decennium on Saturday I would get my Eien copy on Monday, what with them being shipped a day apart. I didn't get Eien yesterday. No big deal. It would come today.

Still hasn't come. I WANT MY COPY OF EIEN!!!! And Brown Eye's 3rd album. It's possible that it shipped in a box, though I can't see why. Decennium was really big, and it was in an envelope. I thought I had gotten Eien/Brown Eyes Volume 3 first because of the girth, which surprised me. Turns out I didn't. I'm glad I got Decennium, since I enjoy the album so much, but I still want that single!!!

Today Darcie, the bitch manager, was out sick. It was good. Except nobody covered for her, so we were an hour and a half behind, since I get in an hour and a half after she does. We got everything done, but I still pulled a half hour of OT again. It always makes me upset to pull OT. More upset when I pull OT that's beyond my 'regular' time of getting out, which is 4:30. I went in at 7:30 since mom didn't go to work this morning. She too wasn't feeling well. So I should have gotten off at 4. Didn't happen.

I'm kind of in a funk right now. It's sad, really. IV's fun, but I've gotten everything I want to get (IE: The characters), and playing online isn't really that great since my connection sucks so damned much. And the DS Fire Emblem, while entertaining, can also be frustrating because, well, when I level characters up they don't GAIN ANY STATS! I hate being RNG screwed. Particularly when it happens so often.

Soon I'll go to sleep, but first I'll do some research.