February 8th, 2009

Pluto close up

I have a weakness for cuteness...

But not kid cuteness. Kid cuteness is annoying. No, the cuteness that I have a weakness towards is animal cuteness. And I do have a massive amount of weakness towards animal cuteness.

Today, me and Sarah finally took our trip to the Aquarium. First time I'd been back since I was about 11 years old (sixth grade, 11, yeah...), so, basically 15 years give or take a few months. It was fun. It wasn't great, but it was fun. They had otters (all female), and they were ADORABLE!!!! And the penguins? Also cute as all hell.

They have a comic book store there in town. I got my hands on Infinity Crusade volume 1. Gauntlet is still the best of the three (or four, if you want to count Abyss), but I'd like to have the complete trilogy. They had a Dark Phoenix statue, too. Very nice. And some other stuff. It was all rather cool. And we ate first. I took pictures of the food for Vanessa, which, along with my pictures I took at the aquarium, will be shown to her when next we meet up.

I had to resist the urge to purchase some plushies. Cute ass plushies. But I have too many plushies, and I still need to buy Georgette from the Disneystore when they finally get around to getting her. I bought my mom some glass starfish (Or seastar as they're called properly) thing, because they didn't have any shirts with them on them, so whatever. She was happy.

Sarah really enjoyed herself. I didn't have a great time, though I did enjoy it a lot. She wanted a membership for her birthday, which is less than a month away, so that's what she got.

We stopped by the Marina Best Buy and I got season 3 of Weeds and Finding Nemo. Going to the aquarium got me in the mood to finally buy the movie. I might not actually WATCH the movie anytime soon, but I now own it.

I forgot to post an amusing conversation that we had, though.

Me: I'm so jealous that Vanessa gets to go to the San Diego Zoo!
Sarah: We can go to the one in San Francisco!
Me: Though she SHOULD have...
*pause again*
Me: They'd appreciate her big head there...

*snicker* Oh, the unintended pun!

So, yeah, that's the way it is....