January 27th, 2009

Pluto close up

I'm very confused right now...

There's going to be a King of Fighters film? And Sean Faris is Kyo?

I mean... I'll probably go and see it... but this REALLY sounds like a shitty idea to me.

Unless they cast someone really sexy as Mai. I want full on cleavage, dammit! Bring in the menfolks! BRING IN THE MENFOLKS!
Pluto close up

Wherein I threaten the life of Ed Westwick...

Indeed. I told Carlos that if he told my mother that I wanted to go to Target after she picked me up from work I would go to New York and slit that brit's throat like nothing. It shut him up quickly. That's me, I know what buttons to push.

In other news: I may not go to the aquarium on Sunday like I had planned. Sarah's brother Frankie needs to move this weekend, and since Sarah's family is full of people who like football and thus are busy over the weekend it falls on her to help him. I don't mind this, because family trumps many things. She asked if I wanted to go up there on Saturday and help move. I declined.

Now I have better reason to decline. I have to work Saturday morning. Which means I have to wake up at 4:45 in the morning on Saturday. Earlier than I ever wake up on a weekday, when I'm supposed to work. And if they're not done by Sunday I'm not going to use the ONE free day I have available to me this weekend to do labor. No thanks.

And why am I working a six day week this week? They fired Amelia. She didn't come in for four days straight and now she's gone. Sucks, since Amelia was a great worker, but what can you do? Now I have to TRAIN someone again, and I HATE TRAINING PEOPLE SO MUCH!!!!!! And then there's the turnaround rate, which is ungodly high at my job, which means, in all likelihood, I'll be training at least one or two more people before we get someone who sticks. The worst part is that we don't know why Amelia left. She always claimed to love her job... I don't even claim to love my job and I stick around.

Oh, and the on the wagon junkie who stole my pregnant dog when I was 10 made an idiotic assumption today. He claimed I forgave him. Fool. I am Set. SET FORGIVES NOTHING!!!! I have merely moved to the point where I can be civil. And his ass should be happy with that, because I still wish he never came back into my ever-forgiving parents' lives. EVERYONE was like 'why is this fool back?' when he came around, but no, do they care about the pain I went through? Not so much.

I'd almost think my parents religious, if they weren't so... well... big on the sinning.

I really, REALLY do not want to work on Saturday!!!

Oh, and I have a dentist appointment tomorrow.