January 15th, 2009

Pluto close up

Gonna get me some food tonight!

Tonight I'm going to be hanging out with Vanessa and Carlos. We're going to FINALLY go to the Cedar House, which we've been talking about going to for months but haven't yet gotten around to doing it. Carlos always wanted to go to Ajays for sushi, but they're really pushy bitches there so we've decided to boycott that shit (plus, they don't give forks, and I SUCK with chopsticks). Probably going to get the calamari again. Twice in a week. What? I haven't had it that often lately. I need my fix, dammit, my fix!

So, we'll ramble about the ways. We'll talk about Josh coming back to AMC and how he's getting the shaft so that Zach can be all important and shit (I hate you, Zach!), we'll talk about Scott Clifton and I'll probably squeal with delight, we'll talk about how much it sucks that New Kids are just going to have a cruise or some shit and the moms have already booked that shit in mass (the 5000 dollar rooms were the first to go! Moms with money have no shame!) and a bunch of other stuff.

Plus, I'll probably get some pie. Mmm, pie.