January 11th, 2009

Pluto close up

And now that that's over...

Let's talk about the day, shall we? I went to Santa Cruz with Sarah, because her nephew Trey (I think his name is Trey. She's got like 20 nieces and nephews, it's hard to keep up...) had a birthday party and they wanted to play Lazer Tag at the boardwalk. The last time I went to the boardwalk was with Vanessa, and that was in 2006. That was a damned good trip, too! We played Lazer Tag then, and we realized how freakin' hot that shit gets! So I was like 'helllllll no' to playing Lazer Tag today. I learned my lesson. The kind of lesson I only need to learn once.

Before that, we went to the wharf. I wanted good calamari. I got decent calamari. Whatever. I got calamari, I was happy. And clam chowder, with oyster crackers. And it was only like 32 bucks with tip included!

So, we spent a lot of time around the Casino, which is the name for the big arcade they have (essentially the only arcade they have around these days that's a true arcade!), I put a twenty in for tokens. I got a hundred back. We played this drum game at first. I drummed to beat it. It was fun. And It's A Small World. I played a lot of 2D games (SNK and Capcom for the win!) and some arcade mario kart. I wasn't expecting the rides to be open. The boardwalk is a seasonal place. It tends to be open only during the summers. Or so I thought. That wasn't the case. It wasn't all open. In fact, only about 10 rides were open. But two of them were the roller coasters. We rode the Hurricane and the Giant Dipper once each. The thingy in my teeth where the chasm is does not like the cold win, it makes my teeth hurt. Not a lot, but it still does.

Then we had to go and get Coldstones because there wasn't any ice cream at the boardwalk except for this one stand that had a HUGE line and Sarah didn't want to put up with it. There's this thing in Santa Cruz going on, like a farmers market, but not for produce, so that one street is really crowded. We find coldstone (their banana ice cream isn't all that great), get our ice cream and hit up the borders which is right across the street. Nothing. There's also a used books/movies/CDs place and I look for Jem or some Disney movies I don't have. Fail on that end.

Then we're driving by Capitola, and I realize that I want this. I didn't want it before, but I didn't realize that it had little tanooki ears. Plus, the Tanooki suit is the BEST MARIO POWER UP EVER!!!! I had this Tanooki Luigi icon once. That shit was cute. I wish I still had it. Hell, I need a Luigi icon. He's my boy. I need to support. We call the Capitola Mall Hot Topic, they don't have it in my size, so I have to order it online. I really don't need any more sweaters, but whatever.

And now I'm home, my mother is drunk, her team lost (AND IS OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS, WOOHOO!!!), and she's being a bitch.

Plus, my PS3 really doesn't like my copy of Suikoden II for some reason. It's giving me a LOT of audio crap. Making me mad.