January 7th, 2009

Pluto close up


So, in two days, my #1 mancrush Scott Clifton is going to premier on One Life to Live. I've seen pictures. He doesn't have the Dillon hair. It makes me sad. It's not *bad* hair, but it isn't the hair that I loved ever so much. I'll deal. Lord knows he had bad hair in the start of Arizona Summer, though thankfully by the end he got better hair (bad movie. Never watch. Ever!), and I was content. Or at least content enough to not pull the trigger after watching that shit. According to wiki, he's on contract, which means he's locked in to One Life, unless he asks to be let out, or they release him.

Plus, in a week, another mancrush, Colin Egglesfield, is going to come back to All My Children. I think it's going to be a short term thing, though. Rumors tell me bad things that make me want to smack people upside the head. He's Erica Kane's son, dammit! He deserves so much better!

But, over the last few days, I've developed a new mancrush. James Roday. He plays Shawn Spencer on Psych and he's FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!! Plus, he's Mexican. Or, at least his wikipedia article says he's Mexican, which pleases me, because I too am Mexican. On the show, he's brilliant. He makes obscure 80s references, dresses up like a member of Tears for Fears, rambles about pudding and bananas, and most importantly, loves hair.

Case in point: the episode I'm watching right now involves a telenovela, and Shawn is on it, speaking in the espanol. He says he's getting by on the Spanish that he learned from Charro on the Love Boat. Buwahahahaha.

I might get a James Roday icon or two. He has earned a place on my icon list.