December 23rd, 2008

Henshi Pluto by dark_branwen

Is it a sign?

Today is Susan Lucci's birthday. So, I'm watching Susan Lucci win her Emmy right now.

But today is also the company Christmas party. It's supposed to start at 1, but we have a shitload of work to do in my department, and I'm short one person because Cecilia is on vacation which just leaves me and Darcie, and Darcie is Darcie which means that Darcie won't do a damned thing. I don't know when I'll get out. It's a pain in the ass.

Anyway, at the Christmas party we're voting on Employee of the Year, People's Choice Employee and Manager of the year. The first two are old hat, the last is a new award started this year. Employee of the year is made up of Employee of the months, and the winner gets a grand. People's Choice is made up of everyone, and they get 500 bucks. I think it should be flipped around because of the greater competition in the second than the first, but whatever. There's going to be 10 of us in the Employee of the Year ballot, since two of the Employees of the Month have left. Of those ten, I'd say about five of us are serious contenders for the award. It all comes down to block voting in these things. Usually the one building will vote for one person, and that person will win. If that theory holds, Griselda will win, and I'm okay with that. But I deserve the award, too. I'm about the only person who can get along well with everyone without there being some problems. I'm the one who helps out as much as I can regardless of who asks. There are people who do more important work than I do, but they're also focused on just their jobs while I multitask a bunch. And, again, I can lose to about three people and be okay with losing. Maybe four, depends on who wins today and gets on the ballot. That doesn't mean I don't want it any less.

Lets not forget that I'm Susan Lucci when it comes to these things. Constantly being told that I'd be next, or I should be next, and then ultimately getting shafted time and time again. Not that deserving people didn't win instead of me. Well, for two months in a row they weren't exactly deserving (one of them was a temp worker at the time!), but whatever. And I just hope people remember that, how much they wanted me to win because they knew I deserved it, when they vote. They probably won't. I'm not voting for myself, because that's just wrong.

But damn if that grand wouldn't be nice.

Lets hope for the best! Susan, watch over me girl! You denied me at Super Soap! Don't deny me here, too!
Pluto close up

La Lucci, You Fail Me!

So, it's over. We voted. I lost. Ironically, I lost to EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO I SAID I WOULD BE OKAY LOSING TO! Which means there was a three way tie. And my coworker, who wasn't even there, won people's choice employee of the year. I'm happy for her, I am, but I wanted to win something, too!

Last time I buy for my coworkers up the wazoo.

And we didn't even vote on Employee of the Year. Only managers did. Sucks. Sucks so much.