December 18th, 2008

Pluto close up

Hot food is my enemy!

Seriously... I get a massive bad toothache whenever I eat ANYTHING hot. And yesterday it happened twice. I think I have like an exposed nerve up there or something. I dunno. It kills me. Makes me want to throw up. But cold food, like the cereal I'm eating right now? Doesn't do a damned thing to it. Yay for cold food. So I told my parents that I needed to get an appointment with the dentist, because this is just too much pain for me to deal with. I've been telling them for months that I wanted to go, but they never did anything about it. Plus, I wasn't in massive bad horrible pain like I am now. Well, not right now, but, you know, when I am in pain it hurts like a mother.

Of course, my coworker is taking the next two weeks off for vacation, which means that I'll get in trouble for going anytime within those two weeks except for Christmas Eve (which I doubt the dentist will be open), the day after Christmas, or the day after New Years. Unless my appointment is today, tomorrow or Saturday (or any other Saturday, really), though I doubt that very much.

In other news: I'm having an RPattz moment. How am I having an RPatzz moment, you might ask? Am I being chased around by a legion of pathetic women? No. Have I acquired an accent? No. Do I have bad teeth? Well... yeah... as you can see above... but no, the big one is that my hair is becoming highly unruly. I need to get it cut.
Pluto close up



It sucks so much. I don't want root canals. I don't want them. And the amount of tooth that the doctor took out, or teeth since it was more than one, was so huge I could fit my entire tongue inside of it!!!!!

And it smelled. It smelled so much.

I want my grandma!