December 7th, 2008

Dillon Is The Dream by watts2525

A Scooter post

Because I don't gush about my boy nearly as much as I used to. It isn't my fault, the boy doesn't do anything that I can gush over. What the hell is up with that?

I was at Target, saw Carlos, which is rare because he usually gets off before I get there when I go, and, as always, I pick up the soap mag and read while I'm waiting for my mother. I read tidbits of possible casting news. Scott Clifton was spotted auditioning over in New York for One Life. Now, of the 3, One Life is the best right now. The other two suck so much. BUT Scott Clifton IS Dillon to me. He's my favorite actor, Dillon's one of my favorite characters, and if he's going to go back to a soap I WANT IT TO BE GENERAL HOSPITAL BECAUSE I NEED A REASON TO CARE ABOUT THAT SHIT AGAIN!

But... I'll take my Scott Clifton where I can get my Scott Clifton. If it meant watching Days then it would mean watching Days (and I hate Days). If it meant watching Heroes, then it would mean watching Heroes (and I LOATHE Heroes). If it meant watching Gossip Girl then it meant watching Gossip Girl (and it'd be damn near the only thing that would get me to watch some teen drama). I go where Scott is. That's just the way it is. I hate intensely, and I love with the same intensity that I hate. And people who know me, or have been on this friends list long enough know just how much I can hate something or someone.

I don't know a lot about One Life. I know the big stuff, but a lot of the little history sort of eludes me. So who would Scooter play? I'd want him to be CJ Roberts, because, well, then he'd be Tina's son. Scott Clifton playing the son of my first crush ever? Damn skippy! Plus, that would put him around Erika Slezak, who is a great actress much like Jane Elliot. AND if they ever brought Andrea back, then I could get Andrea and Scott in the same scene!!! That's my fantasy. No, really, it is.

Or he could be River something or other. Dorian's grandson. They already aged the character. Robin Strasser is basically like One Life's Tracy. That'd be okay, too. Or an aged Matthew (which is unlikely), or maybe Jimmy Banks who didn't really die (it's a soap, after all). I just don't want him as a teen. Dillon grew on me, but I hated him at first, and Scott's 24 and is so much better than teen drama crap.

I need to join the One Life and AMC groups here. I should get on that sometime soon.