December 2nd, 2008

Laura Wright is Love by Michl87

My family is twisted!!!!

So, my great aunt (who is both my great aunt and a great aunt, you know? Or a great great aunt, I suppose...) has cancer of the uterus. She had breast cancer, too. About ten years ago she had the thingy to get rid of it or whatever. Anyway, she went into surgery today, and my grandmother was very worried about her and she couldn't get ahold of anyone. So I call my cousin Christopher, to see what he knows. He lives in town with her.

And he doesn't know anything. He didn't know that she was having surgery, he didn't know that she had cancer again, he didn't know nothing. His mom knew, and didn't tell him. Very peculiar, and amusing in a weird way.

The surgery went fine, by the way. I just wanted to let the people know of my family's quirks.

In other news: My Disney World box came! Everything is fine. Some of the boxes are TORE THE HELL UP... but the stuff inside is perfect. It makes me happy.

Yesterday, I hung with Vanessa, Emily and Carlos. We went to AJ's (AGAIN!), but we've decided not to go there again because they're very in your face and shit. It's annoying. I gave them their presents (which helped spawn the phrase: YOU BREAK IT, YOU DIE!) and they were happy. When New Kids go on tour next year again (Danny said they would... if you can't trust the monkey/horse, who can you trust?), we're going. And we're going to get something called a 5-Star, where we can meet them. It'll cost like 400 bucks, but I was like 'pfft, that's nothing!' I then asked if I could shave some of the price off as a trade for not meeting Danny. Yeah, sure, it would only shave like 5 bucks off (this is Danny we're talking about!), but that's 5 more dollars to buy merch with (which, in concert merch, would buy me... the thread of a shirt...). A good time was had by all. We're going to hit up Cedar House next. Sometime soon, I hope.

And Vanessa brought me the apple pie candy apple from Disneyland. That shit hurt my jaw like crazy when I tried to eat it (as it does when I open my mouth too wide), but I ate it anyway, and damn that was gooooood!!!! I want more.

Is it wrong that I'm contemplating hitching a ride with my family if they go to see my aunt JUST so I can go to Disneyland? Yeah, I wouldn't go through with it (my grandmother would NEVER forgive me!), but the thought is there... you can't fault me for thoughts!