November 9th, 2008

Pluto close up

The mall has it all!

Well, actually, not all.

Yesterday, me and Sarah went to Oakridge mall because we wanted to do some shopping before our trip (WEDNESDAY!!!), and go to Cheesecake factory. We got there like twenty minutes before Cheesecake factory opened, and we got SUPER GOOD PARKING!!! We've decided to only go to the mall early when we go.

So, to kill time, we go to the comic book store. I'm looking for trades to bring on the plane. All those trades they have in there, and they are all full of fail!!!! Sadness. I pick up a Transformers guidebook with bios on the characters because I need to get SOMETHING. Then we go back to the Cheesecake factory and eat. I hate cheesecake, but I buy cheesecake there because it's SO FREAKING GOOD! I got white chocolate with raspberry. Mmm.

Shopping again. Hot Topic. They have shirts and a Mario Hoodie. It doesn't have Luigi (fail!), but it has the Koopalings. I love it. They had a Triforce hoodie, too, but they didn't have my size. Next time, baby, next time! As Sarah's looking for a purse at Hot Topic, I look around. They have PVC figures of Mario Brothers characters. Alas, it only shows them having Yoshi and Mario. Then, I look over to the right and there are two more. Donkey Kong is up front, but who is behind him? That's right, my boy!!! LUIGI! I snatch that shit up and we go to the Disney store.

We were going to the Disney store because we wanted to get some more shirts, just one for me, but they don't HAVE shirts at the damned Disney store if they're not for kids. They do have a free Snowglobe if you spend 50 or more. So I know I need to spend 50 or more. They're starting to sell ornaments, and I bought 3 for twenty bucks. They had a white Stitch Christmas plush, I bought that, too. And they had ceramic cups two for twelve. No Donald (WTF?), but they had Eeyore and Tink. Bought those. Then, I see it. 40% off Snowglobes. And they have this GORGEOUS snowglobe that has a bunch of characters, including stitch. It was about 100, I got it for 60. WIN!

Target is next. I buy toiletries and sleep shirts. I get home, open my snowglobe, and Stitch's ear broke off!!!! It was able to plug back in, but it was still fail.

Can't wait, can't wait!!!