October 24th, 2008

Pluto close up

Busy, busy, busy!

Today, my cousins are coming from Ventura. They're not going to be here until like 10 or 11, so I don't intend on seeing them tonight. Tomorrow I will. But there's a problem with that. Tomorrow is also the day of the party. So tomorrow is going to kill me because I have to deal with the party while spending time with my cousins. They kind of go hand in hand. That's not the hard part.

The hard part is dealing with my cousin's 3 young children. It isn't my job to watch kids. But if she's out drinking, then who is going to be the de facto child watcher? And one of them, the oldest, is a little hellion. She's cute, don't get me wrong, but DAMN if she ain't an annoying bundle of energy a good portion of the time. They might try and push those kids on my grandmother, but my grandmother is 75, and she can't watch those kids.

It sucks. It sucks.

You know what else sucks? I have that 'this is the last time' part of the HSM 3 song stuck in my head. I don't even know if that's what they're really saying, but that's what it sounds like and it won't go away!!! Damned commercials.