October 7th, 2008

Dillon Is The Dream by watts2525

Happy Anniversary!

It has now been TWO years to the day since I met Scott Clifton. Oh, it was a glorious day. I will think back on it with such joy.

Now it sucks that he doesn't do anything but sing in that less than favorable voice of his, but I still love him to pieces so it doesn't matter. I just wish I could love him more actively. He hasn't updated his website in forever! Scott, why you gotta be doing us wrong like that? We your fans! We love you!

In other news: It's also my cousin's birthday. And BoA's single was supposed to be digitally released today but it got pushed back (along with the video!) for like two more weeks or something. Sigh. Oh, and Sleeping Beauty is out today, too! Woohoo!

Plus, Susan went first in Dancing with the Stars last night! I didn't have to sit through a bunch of people I don't give a shit about to see the one reason why I'm watching! Huzzah!