October 4th, 2008

Pluto close up

My name is Set, and I have a problem!

I was looking at the list of games that I own, and the amount of games that I own that I've never beat is astonishing!!!!! And I keep on buying them! Take, for example, Sonic Chronicles. I'm probably not going to beat this game, because the battle system pisses me off and an RPG with intolerable battles is not an RPG I want to play. Then there's the games that I own but haven't even played! Metroid Prime 3 and Mario Party 8, I'm looking at you! In fact, if you were to average out the games I've beat and the games I haven't, the games I haven't would outnumber the games I have quite considerably.

You'd think this would tell me to STOP BUYING SO MANY GAMES AND BEAT THE ONES I OWN... right? No. No it doesn't.

I have a problem. I understand this.

And, on a serious note, the girl I kinda crushed on at work's last day was yesterday. Nothing would have come of it, because she's got an 11 year old kid and a lot of other factors, but I'll miss her. She was cute, and funny, and she loved to play Nintendo games. I'm easily smitten.