September 22nd, 2008

Pluto close up

What the hell was that shit?!?!

Last night's Emmy telecast was horrible!! HORRIBLE!!! I've never had at least one person who I *did* want to win not win! But it happened last night! And it just further cements my stand that Heigl didn't deserve her Emmy last year and just got it because she was the it girl at the time. Chandra Wilson was robbed!!!!!

And it's not even just the results that sucked (Fuck you, Jeremy Piven!), it was the telecast, too. Oprah and the hosts with their long as shit (though Jeremy did please me by saying 'that was what the opening was... still, I hate you, smug bastard!) opening. All those pointless set changes which were supposed to be cool. AND THE FACT THAT GEORGE CARLIN GOT TWO MOMENTS IN THE IN THE DEAD PEOPLE MONTAGE!!!! Estelle Getty should have ended that shit! Yes, I'm biased, but still... at the very least one person shouldn't have opened and closed the segment.

Once they gave out the acting awards I stopped watching. No series that I wanted to win was nominated, so it didn't matter. I'm happy for Mad Men, though. I guess.

The only part I really liked was Josh Groban's part. Boy can sing.