September 7th, 2008

Pluto close up

As a consumer, I am very disappointed...

Bought Desperate Housewives season 4, and Eli Stone season 1 today at Best Buy. Now, as most of you people know, I'm a box set whore. And there are things that I expect in box sets. I expect a booklet detailing the plot of each episode. I didn't get one in either set. That sucks. Eli Stone I can forgive for not having a booklet, because it's iffy at best in its success... but Desperate Housewives?

I guess I can blame the strike. But if they're charging the same price for the season in spite of the fact that it has less episodes DUE to the strike (which they are), then I feel I should be compensated for something!

Hell, I would have accepted a little blurb ON the box with the summaries, like House and Will and Grace do... but nada. Nada!


They're hocking GH on one of the things inside the sets, though, which amuses me. I wonder if they'll do AMC and One Life for the other releases this month. Never know...