September 6th, 2008

Pluto close up


I got my order from Lee for my pants. This is cause for celebration, yes? Well, as it turns out, I either ordered the wrong size (36x34 instead of 34x36) for the Dungarees (my preferred pants), and though I ordered the right size for the other pants (five pocket something or other), they don't look like they're the kind of pants I would wear. They don't have that many pockets, and I need lots of pockets because my phone always gets messed up when I'm at work if I put it in the regular pocket because of all the bending and the fact that it doesn't have a clam shell like the other one. It sucks. That's the only thing I hate about the phone I got last year. But it has a keyboard, so I can deal.

Oh well. What are you going to do?

In other news:

girltype is comin' over today and we're going to play Wii!!!! I'm playing Wii a lot right now because they finally put Super Mario RPG on the VC. I love Super Mario RPG! But we won't be playing that, obviously. I don't know what we'll be playing. But it'll be fun. Plus, I can finally give her the Nikki Sixx shirt! Yay!