September 1st, 2008

Pluto close up

After all these years...

I've finally seen The Nightmare Before Christmas... and, it wasn't very good. I didn't like it. I don't get why people think it's so great. I commend the artistic style of the movie, of course, because that's just impressive, but nothing else really hooked me. I blame the Emo kids. They ruin a lot. Damned Emo kids!

In other news: Cesar Romero was gay!?! News to me!!! I miss that man, a lot.
Pluto close up

My parents suck...

They go to the town over, and they leave at like 11:30ish or something... actually, I think it was closer to 11:15. I tell them to bring me back Wendy's, because we don't have a local Wendy's here anymore (we lost it twice! A fact that I lament over greatly and frequently), and lord knows that I love their Spicy Chicken Sandwich like nothing else in the world, fast food wise, so I ask them to bring me a Spicy Chicken meal when they come back, since, you know, I haven't eaten anything since we don't have much to eat in the house because ants are cruel and malicious creatures...

They barely come home about 30 minutes ago, and, before that they inform me that they 'completely forgot about going to Wendy's.'

What the fuck? No, seriously... What. The. Fuck. Here I am, watching the house for FOUR HOURS ON MY DAMNED DAY OFF and I ask for one thing. One thing that is pretty much a staple for my parents when they go to the next town (again, I love my Spicy Chicken Sandwich like something fierce and wish to devour it frequently)... and they FORGET.

Then, what is my mom wearing? She's wearing my DAMNED GLAY SHIRT!!!! MINE! M-I-N-E! I was looking for that thing, too. True, I wouldn't wear it in public because it makes me look like the fatass that I really am (I wear 2-XL for a reason!), but it's still my shirt!

I tell my dad to call my grandmother because she called while they were away (which she did) and to mention how inadequate they are as parents. I doubt he will. But I'll make sure to tell her the next time I talk to her myself. To which she will scream 'LET ME TALK TO HIM!' and I will smile greatly. I love my grandmother more than anything in the world, and part of the reason is because she'll always yell at my dad when he does stupid shit. Given that she's his mother... what can he do?

This day off has been uber-fail.

Oh, plus my buckle thing to my jeans ripped. You know, where the button goes above the zipper. I have no idea what else to call it... a button loop? So, I lost ANOTHER pair of jeans. I just had to order two more. They're sample jeans for me to try out for a month before I decide if I'm going to order one style or the other for my Disneyworld trip. Even so, they're being taken out of the Disneyworld fund, which is currently at 880 for necessities like clothes... actually, that's basically all the necessities I need now that I've taken care of the luggage.