August 28th, 2008

Pluto close up

New default and other stuff!

I've been hunting for Siwon icons for the last few days because I'm using him for a game, or I might be, probably will be, since I spent all that damned time looking. I didn't know Siwon was not loved within the Suju fandom (which shows my detachment to said fandom, which is not a bad thing), because there are so many posts that have no Siwin in them, and even state that they don't have Siwon. Too bad. Anyway, during my time hunting for Siwon icons, I came across a few other ones to use for this journal, including the new default. I had the Dillon default for... well... shit... 2 years or so? I love it to death. It will stay there forever, but now that Dillon's gone... well, it doesn't make much sense any more. So, I went back to my roots. Pluto returns to prominence.

Work FINALLY leveled out today, after 5 straight days (discounting the weekend, of course) of hell. I was so glad. It felt so good to be able to do all the stuff I'm supposed to do instead of just doing one thing and having to pass off my duties to other people! I hate to work hard, but I like to work efficiently.

Yuna Ito has a new video. It's decent. Nothing great. Doesn't suck. I'm downloading it. Brown Eyes (THEY GOT BACK TOGETHER!! SES FOLLOW SUIT!) also has a new video, which doesn't make any damned sense. What the hell is up with Korean videos and not making sense? The song is great, though. I love the hell out of that song. I want to go to yesasia and buy the album, but I want to buy more stuff... so I'll probably just wait until BoA's new single comes out. Whenever that is. I'm going to go and check and see right now.

Oh, and I'm being dragged to Disaster Movie on Sunday. It has Matt Lanter... which might help dull the pain a little bit. In turn, I'm dragging someone to the Clone Wars, which also has Matt Lanter. Support! Plus, I have a 10% coupon for Best Buy for CDs, DVDs and Video Games. I intend on using it on Sunday.