August 23rd, 2008

White Phoenix Base by alrischa

Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn Camp!

So, in about 40 minutes, I'm off to Ventura so that I can spend a day with my male family where they shall, as I so eloquently put it 'beat their chests with their hands and talk about their sexual conquests.' I, in the mean time, will be over in the corner playing video games, texting people, and watching Disney movies.

What does one bring to a man camp? Well, if you're me, you bring hair gel, contacts, Mulan, Daria, Pocahontas and Army Wives. I'm doing all of this JUST To be counterintuitive.

I was hoping the man camp would be next weekend. It obviously isn't. So I'm going to be dead tired on Monday... which Darcie might be missing again. It's not going to be a good day if she is gone. No, it isn't going to be a good day at all.

Pray for me, my friends list. I will either come home looking to pound into some woman, or come home looking for a sex change. I'm going to bank on the latter.