August 19th, 2008

Pluto close up


Sorry... they just showed a commercial for Mommie Dearest on Soapnet. That line, man, it's one of the greatest horrible lines in the history of cinema.

That man camp thing that I'm supposed to go through is apparently THIS weekend and not NEXT weekend like I thought it was. That sucks, because it's not a holiday weekend and that means that I'll be coming home on Sunday early in the morning. I guess that means that I'll get some good sleep on Sunday night since I'll be so tired, but I still don't like to be exhausted come Monday morning.

I dread the man camp thing. I love my family. I honestly, truly do love my family. Especially the ones in Ventura. Aside from the ones that I know well in this town, they're easily my favorite relatives that I have. But a lot of those favorite relatives of mine are my female cousins... the guys? Not so much. Honestly, I watch soaps for crying out loud. And they're all about drinking and sports and getting into fights over a stolen French fry (I DO NOT LIE!). Plus, there's the possibility that I could get stuck in the car with my uncle and cousin, neither of whom are very much loved in my eyes. Lord knows I don't want to spend 5 hours in a car with my uncle. That will kill me.

In other news: we got Lucky's ashes today. The casket thingy or whatever you want to call it is very nice. Much nicer than what his brother got. But he's on the counter in the kitchen, which is a little unnerving. GOD FORBID what would happen if someone or one of the cats knocked that shit over. It'd actually be pretty amusing afterwards, but during the immediate fallout? Lord... that wouldn't be funny. Especially if it was a person who did it.