August 3rd, 2008

Pluto close up

I had the most horrible dream last night!

I dreamed that I saw The Dark Knight!!!

That is all.

Okay, no, not really. I dreamed (dreamt, but LJ refuses to accept that the word is a word. I know it is! The dream had me in a theater that, in hindsight, looks quite a lot like Laxson Auditorium over at Chico State. And I was watching and it was just the lamest damned thing in the history of the universe and I kept on asking myself 'WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! WHY DO PEOPLE THINK IT'S SO GREAT?!' Bale looked lame in his Bat-suit. Joker was just moronic. And then a bunch of people were talking at the theater, and the lights were on for some reason and people kept on moving.

I hope to God it isn't some prophetic dream. I've been known to have those from time to time (I think I'm at 2 right now), because 1) I really don't want to see that overly hyped piece of Bat-crap, excuse me, guano, and 2) if I do, I really don't want a bunch of people talking and walking around. I hate that. A little bit of talking is okay. A lot of it? Not so much.
Freaked out Jiji by l_o_v_e_icons


So, ONTD posted Miley Cyrus's phone number, and the comments are going crazy! People are posting how they left messages that are just incredibly wrong in nature. It's pathetic, it really, honestly, truly is. Much as I love to dish on celebrities, and most of you know I LOVE to dish on celebrities, I like to think that I can stop short of doing something that is actually evasive to their privacy. Say what you will about my negativity in life, but I like to think that I have a few morals. A part of me wants to call and be like 'look, I got this number on this community on livejournal, you might want to do something about it.' I won't, because odds are that she'll just delete my voice mail, (or someone else will, since someone's already hacked in) and therefore the message will just fall on deaf ears.

Sometimes, sometimes something happens that just makes me think humanity has sunk to a new low.

Now... if it was Scott Clifton's number? I'd LIKE to think I wouldn't call...

But we all know how that goes.

I probably wouldn't call.