July 26th, 2008

White Phoenix Base by alrischa

Worst. Night. Ever.

Yesterday was supposed to be great. Yesterday could have been great. Yesterday should have been great. Instead, yesterday ended up being one of the single worst nights in the history of ever. Why was it one of the single worst nights in the history of ever, you ask?

Simple: My mother.

She got drunk off of her ass (three six dollar beers, and a 14 dollar kamikaze shot with seven different types of liquor) and was standing up the entire concert. Worse, she was whistling and just making an ass of herself and people kept on looking at her. This was before Pat started, mind you, so it was really annoying. Afterwards, when she started, people were less annoyed, but they were already plenty annoyed by the bitch at that point. I swear, about twenty people must have plotted her death. She makes enemies wherever she goes. That's my mommy.

The worst part is that, since she was standing the whole time, people were not able to see Pat, and they were pissed. After being severely pissed enough, they started to throw shit at her in order to get her to sit down. It didn't take. What did take, however, was me and other people around us getting hit with ice and spit-balls and water bottles all because my shameless bitch of a mother couldn't act decent at a damned concert. Worse, the ice cube fell into my pocket where I had my MP3 player... but it seems to be okay. I have a warranty on it anyway...

Then, when we left, she had to go downstairs and try and get close to the stage... which ended with her getting her drunk ass escorted by security out of the building. That was fun. Should have arrested her ass.

Plus, the sound at that place really sucked, and the show was supposed to start at 8, but they didn't have Pat start until 9 after the opening act played for like 25 minutes. Lindsay Rush. She was decent. Her music did not fit Pat's, which was unfortunate. Plus, she sang a song called all the pretty things which was about autistic children and my mom, lousy drunkard that she is, started weeping and telling people she has an autistic son. Later, during my mother's failed attempt to get up close, I saw her in the merch booth and nobody was talking to her. I felt bad. I could have talked to her, but then I would have had to leave like two seconds later and say 'sorry, my mom's being escorted out of the building, k? Bye bye.'

All in all, the night sucked, I'm pissed at my mom for ruining said night, and I've decided to never go to a concert with her ever again... which, in the long run, made last night a learning experience.