July 23rd, 2008

Pluto close up

Damn you, Orbitz!

Sarah called me last night, during I Survived a Japanese Game Show (Donnell just WILL NOT DIE!) and told me that Orbitz sent her an e-mail saying that the airliner had changed our itinerary and that we would not have the flight that we were SUPPOSED to have... that sucked, since that flight was freakin' perfect. Instead, they had us flying to like DC or some shit and then arriving in Orlando at 10 something. I figure that it would take at least two hours to get shit in order with the luggage, getting to the resort, checking in, blah blah blah. Four is like the upper limit. God, I would hate if I had to stay at that place for four hours. I'd be jazzed to be there, but beyond pissed that I couldn't do anything due to check in and shit.

So, to recap: if we got there at ten, if we were lucky, we would get around to the park anywhere from 12 to 2. Before, we would be there anywhere from 8 to 10. Much more desirable.

I checked out Orbitz again today, since canceling our flight through that service would just be stupid and we probably wouldn't get our money back to begin with. Doesn't look like there are many flights that get us there around that time. In fact, there are none.

*grumbles* ALL THAT ON TOP OF ESTELLE GETTY'S DEATH! Yesterday was not a good day.
Pluto close up


Diane just said 'But I digress' on GH!!!!!

*sobs* SOPHIA!!!!!!! ESTELLE!!!!

In happier news: La Kane is out of the pokey over on AMC, AND she called Josh. I didn't get to SEE Josh, but he was called. I take what I can get.