July 19th, 2008

Pluto close up

Kind of ironic, no?

I spend a good portion of last weekend looking for new icons to use on this journal, and then I go the majority of a week not even updating this thing. Eh, what can you do? I mean, it sucks, but it's all good. I enjoy having my journal be here for me in case I actually do need it. Those times are rare, but, just in case.

I've been up since 4:45 this morning because I had to be at work at 6 since today I got roped in to working on Saturday. I was only there until about 9:45, so I got about three and a half hours of overtime clocked in. It was all right, I guess. A part of me wishes otherwise, because it wasn't like they really needed me.

We've been training a new girl, Kathy, and she is very good. I like her a lot, both as a person and as a worker. She catches on quickly, and asks a lot of questions, but they're not annoying questions, they're actually quite insightful. Plus, she ended up being good at the square plates, which, while not a huge feat, is still wonderful. I think she'll work out well. I hope she does. If she does that means that I work less Saturdays than I already do, and I only work a Saturday every other month on average now. I hate training people, a lot, but with Kathy it wasn't very hard, she caught on quickly.

My mom jacked 60 bucks from me without even knowing it last weekend. I barely found out on Wednesday. I looked online to see how much cash I had available to spend, and it showed this strange transaction for 60 dollars that, frankly, looked fishy. So I got on the phone and called WAMU (which has the worst phone service ever. They talked to me in Spanish, and they refused to let me talk to an ACTUAL person... very infuriating), eventually I did get to talk to someone, and he transfered me to someone else, who didn't have a horrible indecipherable accent, and it was wonderful. Then I found out that the charge on my account had been made on my mom's card. She shouldn't even have the card any more, since we no longer need the joint account. So I got to yell at her when I got home. It's all cleared up now, though. And nobody's stealing my identity, which is a good thing.

Speaking of my mother, she surprised me on Tuesday, in a good way. She remembered who John Henson was. I was watching Wipeout (which I love!) and she was like 'that's the guy from Talk Soup!' Indeed, mother, indeed. So she's not as moronic as she appears.

But she's close.

Pratt, the new headwriter of All My Children, has declared that the show should ALWAYS revolve around La Kane. Truer words have never been spoken. Since it revolves around La Kane again, I pray that it means Josh gets some FREAKIN' SCREEN TIME!!!! I need Josh and Erica moments again, thank you very much. If it doesn't, well I'll be very sad.

Seriously, I'm 4 months away from Super Soap Weekend, which is the main reason why I HAD to go to Disneyworld at the time I'm going (the fact that I get Christmas celebration stuff is just a wonderful, wonderful plus), and it could get to the point where I'm not even watching them anymore. I barely watch them as it is. They're more like background music while I do other things. And if I'm gone when they're on I basically fast forward through 90% of the show anyway. Either show AMC or GH. I linger a little more with One Life, because that's the best of the three at the moment, even if some of it is stupid, too. Tina's there, that's all that matters.
Determined Uranus by shining_ki

Bitch, don't muck it up!

So, I'm watching America's Best Dance Crew (first time, only because it was the Janet themed episode) and they show a commercial for that new Ashley Tisdale movie thing. I don't particularly care for her, or anyone involved in High School Musical (something girltype and I don't really speak of all that often, because we are very much opposites on that), but she was singing Shadows of the Night. Now, most of you know that I LOVE me some Pat Benatar like nothing else... but what you may not know is that Shadows is one of my favorite songs by Pat, probably top 3. So, I have to watch it, just because the person in me who wants her to fail needs to see if she does... and so I do.

How'd it go?

Well, it wasn't great. But it didn't suck. She's not Pat, never will be (who will, honestly?), but it is an acceptable cover. I've certainly heard worse covers in my lifetime (I'm looking at you, Disneymania!)...

For the record, I just youtubed the song. Not watched the movie. I'm not THAT desperate to hear it. And now I bet I have youtube recommending me a bunch of Tisdale shit. I hate that new function.

Now I'm off to watch the original, just because the original can't be beat. AND she looks like Joan Collins.

EDIT: She's going to be in a town twenty minutes away on Friday! Tickets are 60 bucks. Seems like a lot to see Pat (the last time I saw her it was free!), but, I won't lie, I'd go in a heartbeat!