July 14th, 2008

Pluto close up

WTF is this madness??

I was looking around SM's shit on wiki, and I've found some crazy ass shit that's been going down...

So, there are like 3 new sub-units of Super Junior, which I don't really care about. Then I read that those CRAZY ASS KOREAN FANGIRLS rallied when SM was like 'we're adding two Chinese members to the SUB GROUP of Super Junior' and they were like 'OH NOES!!! 13 MEMBERS ONLY!!!' And they bought 58,000 + shares of the damned company... which totaled .03%. This surprises me for a variety of reasons, one of which being 'wow, SM has a lot of shares...' and, more importantly, 'how cheap are those damned shares if fans can by that damned much?'

God, Korean fans are crazy.

Plus, Blackbeat broke up. It's official. And, Jinyoung, my boy, is now part of a duo. They're not that good, either. Sigh.

SM = madness! MADNESS!