July 13th, 2008

Pluto close up

Showcasing more icons!

Yay, more icons! Ironically, they're almost all feminine in nature. I mean, I got me some Jem. I got me some She-Ra. I got me some Care Bears. I got me some Sailor Moon. I almost got me some My Little Pony and Rainbow Brite but I was like 'okay, we'll stop while we're a little bit ahead, yes?' I got me some Dave Annable (win!), which is debatable in nature, since he's a guy, and he's on a show that has a predominately female audience. I don't care, though. I seriously love the shit out of Dave Annable. I didn't get me some Yoda or Ewok, though. I'm a bad person, I know.

In other, unrelated news: I'm now a proud member of the Best Buy reward zone silver membership program! It's great, I guess. Apparently, I have to spend 2500 a year at Best Buy to maintain it, though, and that should prove to be difficult because, well, the only reason I was able to make 2500 this year is because I had to buy a lot of shit that was expensive. Like a Ps3, and a digital camera, and a new surround sound system. And now that I have those things and don't need them again, I don't think I can rack up the points like I did before. Still, I'll be a member till 2010, so I should be able to get a decent chunk of extra points. Yay.