July 9th, 2008

Pluto close up

There's nothing on TV!

Or there wasn't an hour and a half ago, so I watched the Real World, without realizing that it was the last episode. First five minutes I see Dave get back flipped onto the freakin' pavement, and it was glorious. GLORIOUS! That made it worthwhile. Don't get me wrong, I don't loathe Dave, but still, damn that shit was grand.

Then, at the end, they showed shit for the next challenge that's coming this fall. Derrick's back *GAG!*, and I didn't see Coral. But that shit looked hardcore. Maybe not in a good way, though. Will I still watch it? Probably. Almost assuredly. Coral doesn't seem to be there, which is a big letdown since Coral is the queen of damn near anything related to those things and makes them a MUST see.

I got the day after the GLAY concert off, and said that I would leave at noon the day before, so everything for the concert is taken care of... but there's a possible snafu, too. What is this snafu, might you ask? Well, Darcie has Jury Duty that week. Now, as she's explained it to me, Jury Duty is not necessarily a call to hold the fate of someone in your hands, but it could be. So, if she doesn't get called I'm good. If she does, I have to go in to work at like noonish on Wednesday. This is a problem because I don't have a ride on Wednesdays since my mom works that day and she sure as hell ain't back by noon... ah, but Sarah's off that day... so that's good...

Still, I sure won't want to go in that day. I tell Darcie to just tell them that she's a racist and hopes that she doesn't have to deal with any colored people so that she gets disbarred or whatever. That's what dad says to do if I ever get called in. I have before, but I was up in Chico at school, so it wasn't like I could make it anyway... it's probably better that way. I've said it before: I'd make a damned good Attorney, but I'd be a HORRIBLE judge... which means I'd probably make a horrible jury person.

Wow, this post went random... ah well...