July 5th, 2008

Pluto close up

The Mixed Bag That Is A Day Off

Like most people, I got yesterday off. Last year, I didn't get yesterday off. Last year, I was the only person who worked on the 4th. I got paid double time, which was good, but I was there for like an hour and a half, which sucked. PLUS my mom had to work last year (and this year), so I didn't even get to sleep in last year, I had to be up at 6 to get to work at 8 so that I could work until like 9:15. I'm not even lying. Then I had to call my grandma and have her come and get me since my mom was still working and couldn't leave.

But that was all last year. This year I didn't have to work. This year I got to sleep in. This year I got to be lazy. This year I had to deal with all the morons that come around my house on days when I don't work, but particularly on days that are Holidays.

God, I hate people. I really, truly do. I dislike people so much. And then I dislike the people that come around my house to see my parents even more because they're a bunch of annoying bitches that don't shut up. I think my parents collective companions are what soured me to people on the whole. That or high school. Maybe a little of both. So, I had like ten people walking around the house in the span of 15 minutes yesterday afternoon, and again, I hate people, but I especially hate it when there are a bunch of people around. That shit is just infuriating.

Plus there were fireworks. I point out once more that I'm not exactly huge on fireworks any more. But my mom throws a fit if I don't watch them, so I do. I was in the patio on the couch watching, mostly playing my DS, but still. There was a fire across the street or something. It wasn't big, they put it out rather quickly. Then people were still here, and my aunt came by and she was drunk, and my mom was drunk, and it was like 'shut the hell up already, you drunk bitches!'

Such is the life of the holiday here at this place. I honestly loathe holidays, except for Christmas, because Christmas is Christmas and it means that I get to spend 200 dollars on a huge Christmas tree (I wanted huge Christmas trees for about twenty years before I could actually get one, so it's still a rather wonderful experience for me), and then I get to put all those Disney ornaments that I buy on the tree (this year it will be post-Disney World. You should all fear for the tree...), and I get to buy a lot of other cool Christmasy stuff. I'm not big on the cartoon specials any more, mind you, but damn I love Christmas so much. But then on Christmas people again come by and ruin that shit for me. This year I should ask for a day of peace on Christmas. I won't get it, but at least it's something my parents don't have to buy!

Now I keep on thinking that it's Sunday, even though it's only Saturday. And I'll still be drained come Monday. I've been in a funk all week. It was just so damned hard to even care about work this week, I don't know why. It just was.


Finished Golden Girls on Thursday night. Still cry during that last scene. Those women are like family to me. Indeed, they'll always be my sisters. Okay, extremely older sisters that could now easily be my great grandparents, but still.

In its place I started to watch Will and Grace. God, Eric had horrible hair that first season. So did Debra. The poof wasn't working. I also watched a disc of She-Ra. Season 2. Why? I don't know, I just wanted to watch it.

Salt and Vinegar chips for the win! I love the smell of vinegar. I really do. Except this one time my aunt opened up a HUGE canister of vinegar stuff at work and it stunk up the entire autoclave room. That shit was so strong it burned my nose when I took a breath. For awhile, I didn't love vinegar after that. But now I'm back to loving it. Vinegar!