June 28th, 2008

Pluto close up

Dave And Busters or...

Well, Bust, I guess... funny how that works out...


Today I'm going to hang with Vanessa. We're going to Dave and Busters, which I've never been to. People drink there, but hopefully we get there before the drinkers get too drunk, because that would kill the joy. Plus we get to talk about the GLAY concert (YAY!), and One Life, and AMC, and other stuff. Hanging with Vanessa is always fun. It should make up for yesterday's uber-shaft, which I'm still bitter about.
Pluto close up

The Great Mall: Misnomer, or Liver Up of the Hype?

A little bit of both, actually. I've only been to the Great Mall once before in my life, and back then I didn't find it to be nearly as great as it was supposed to be. That's still partially the case, but since I went with girltype, everything was made better.

The ride up was a bit confusing. We were supposed to turn down a road that wasn't marked. Seriously, it wasn't marked!!! So we ended up going further than we should have, which meant that we then had to drive around the town that the mall is in (whose name I cannot spell). There was a carnival there, too. In the mall parking lot or something. Most random place for a carnival ever.


What is this Kiosk, which is so random that it deserves caps all around, you might ask? Why, it's so simple, yet so surprising.

A kiosk that sells hermit crabs. The hermit crab, cha cha cha, has no shell, cha cha cha. Sorry, regressed into Kindergarten for a minute there, and I can't remember the rest of the song. Still, it was a nifty kiosk if partially because of its intense 'wtf' factor.

Some of the stores in the mall were freaking huge. And then there were other stores in the mall which were freakin' tiny! I think I've never been in a Hot Topic or Gamestop that were as small as the ones at the Great Mall. And they had this Disney Outlet store that had a bunch of random stuff. It would have been great if I were a freakin' midget, because everything they had was in tiny, tiny sizes.

Between mall trips, however (and the core reason for our trip to the Great Mall), was a stop at Dave and Busters. I've never been to Dave and Busters, either... and the food was QUICK to come to us. Vanessa made a joke about it being microwaved. I'm not so sure it wasn't a true joke. Regardless, it was good.

The games? The games were okay. Old school has very little place in the world of Dave and Busters. They had Street Fighter, the Anniversary Edition, but it was out of order!!! I wanted to play that shit so bad. Denied. I played Tekken instead. Then we got to play Mario Kart on the arcade together. We had to wait awhile, because it was a popular machine. That was fun times. Highlight, aside from seeing those crabs.

Vanessa's really good at the crane game. She got two toys for her dog, and a freebie that they didn't pick up before her or something. He loves plushies. He took the Donald plush that I got her from Disneyland. I tried and failed. I've never been good at the crane game.

The only game that we wanted to play that we didn't play was some trivia game. There was this large white woman that was there the entire time we were at the mall. No shame. No shame. Next time we intend on playing that game, because it looked like fun. Lots of fun.

All in all, it was good to spend time with her. We went to Best Buy and I got Tactics A2, but they didn't have a guide. Sigh. I love guides. Plus she wants my Nikki Sixx shirt. I found it, so I can give it to her when I see her next.

Then I come home, and dad has a shitload of people here. Okay, two people and music equipment, but it's still annoying.

Cha cha cha.
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