June 24th, 2008

Determined Uranus by shining_ki

Random Musings

So, I'm watching I Love the New Millennium last night, because I'm a sucker for any VH1 program that has stuff that I can remember or relate to (which is part of the reason why I never really got into I Love the 70s), and I'm an even bigger sucker for anything that has Loni Love in it, because I love me some Loni Love.

Hal Sparks needs to cut his hair. Like now. No, really, now. I'll do it for him. The man was on Queer as Folk, for Christ sake! He should have more sensibility than that! And I've never actually watched an episode of Queer as Folk, I just know things. I didn't know that he was in Zoolander. But, considering that it was Zoolander, I think I'll forgive myself.

Colton and Aboul? They still suck, but I think the Modern Humorists makes them a little bet less sucky. Just a little bit.

Perez Hilton needs to GO THE HELL AWAY ALREADY!!! Either that, or he needs to be banned from using hair dye at any point in his life. See Hal Sparks with the hair sensibility thing, but unlike Hal, Perez actually takes it up the ass, so he really SHOULD know better... then again, TR Knight dyed his hair blue that one time... maybe I just too high standards.

Michael Ian Black's comment amused me greatly: "I watch football to see the guys who called me fag in high school get crippled!" I'd feel the same way, but I wouldn't watch.

And in 2001 I really, really hoped that they wouldn't talk about it. But they did. Talking about how people were all buying American Flags and being united in some common bond shit, and the whole time I'm thinking 'yeah, didn't do that. Didn't buy a flag. Didn't give blood. Didn't watch sports. Didn't donate money.'

Pretty sure I'm going to hell. Again. Oh well.